Sunday, May 27, 2007

Glory Be!

That’s right, folks. I’ve just received my first ever award for a short film in the 4-5 years I’ve been pursuing my film career. Last night at the College of Marin Annual Judy Awards, my short film “Marble Mayhem” received a Judy award for meeting the Film Class Challenge of Fall 2006. I share this award with the wonderful Mr. Nick Coccellato who created the computer generated world of “Marble Mayhem” on his laptop and collaborated with me on the concept of the project. In other words, the real genius of the project who thought creating a short film in a video game world would be cool. I also share this award with Gregg Golding, who helped out doing the lighting and character animation for the project. And to show you all my gratitude for receiving this award, here’s a photograph of it in my room as proof:

Hmm, you know, this picture doesn’t quite do it justice. Let’s try something else:

There we go. That’s MUCH more like it. Thanks again to everyone who voted for us during last semester’s class, the COM Film Dept., Nick and Gregg, and my wonderful parents for being who they are and supporting me in my film career. Hey, I gotta practice for the ole Oscar speech. Or maybe the MTV Movie Awards. Whichever comes first.

And since this post wouldn’t be complete without reshowing the movie itself, here it is. The now Judy-award winning “Marble Mayhem.”


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